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District 1

Ronald Forbes

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District 2

Succatti Shaw

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CAB  Member Since July 2020

District 3

Louis (Lou) Rigali

Lou Rigali is a Bostonian by birth, a chemist by training, and a sales and marketing product manager by choice. Lou started his first business of distributing scientific equipment after approximately 6 years of working in a corporate environment. The distribution business expanded to cover all the Western States with a small staff of about 15-16 people. In 1985, there was an opportunity to develop a relatively new technology for semiconductor manufacturing. Fourteen years later, when that company, March Instrument, grew to over 60 people, Lou was ready to do something new. In 2000 Lou opened an art gallery in Oakland and a wholesale gift and card publishing business, Quantity Postcards, and Backyard Oaks. In 2016, Lou became involved as an advocate for homelessness. He serves on three local advocacy groups. For 3-6 months he was working with Impact Justice on a joint program regarding housing for men, women and families in reentry programs. Topics such as jobs, addiction and prejudice were reviewed as challenges that needed to be addressed to ensure stable housing.

CAB Member since November 2018

District 4

Earl Jacobs

Member since May 2023 

Frank (Pastor) Smith

Frank Smith affectionately known as “Street Rev” is a Pastor and International Motivational Speaker.  Born in 1963 in San Francisco, California raised by his grandparents Mr.& Mrs. Nelson; raised in a Christian family Frank loved to played drums & sing for Grandmothers home church until  age 13.

Young Frank was very popular in the Bay Area and graduated from Fremont High School with Honors. Students like Rapper town Legend Too $hort and other young community leaders highly respected him and tried to mirror him in fashion, money, fast cars & fast women. Frank was a young businessman and became a household name “Frank The Bank”.

Due to the condition of his environment in Oakland, CA He choose the fast life but he always had a Big heart and enjoy surprising and providing for the neighborhood children.

For over 25 years Frank operates as a youth ,men & Re-Entry advocate. Mr. Smith enjoys mentoring and coaching in multiple urban metropolitan areas on the East Coast & Mid-West.

The late NFL Hall of Famer Legendary Reggie White;Mentored Frank Smith into a  transformed Powerhouse Empowerment Specialist. He works very close with CEO’s, Profound business Leaders, athletes, artist  & People experiencing homelessness and Hardships.

In 2000 Frank Smith founded and coordinated Cultural Mix, a program focused on silencing the prejudice between the Latino and the African American communities in Green Bay, WI. Acting as a liaison, he was able to expose youth from different communities and backgrounds to new cross-cultural experiences, with emphasis on increasing understanding and cultural awareness. Starting with 9 students within 2 years increased to 138.

In 2003 being a true foodie, Frank Smith open Holy Smokers a Memphis Style Barbecue with a Green Bay twist, grilling on Large Industrial grill introducing the first mobile catering Pop Up restaurant. He was Honored to have the opportunity to serve the community and Green Bay Packers Southern Soul Food.  In addition, His personalize Famous Boss Sauce landed in the Packers Headquarters with it’s own jingle “We ain’t Jokin We Straight Smokin”.

To answer his spiritual calling Mr. Smith Moved back to the Bay Area in 2012 and join forces with Village Connect.

In Richmond, CA, Frank acted as a chief facilitator for 180 Degrees, a community-based program focused on increasing youth self-awareness; he partnered with students and families at JFK high school to increase social awareness.  Also self-accountability within the youth through cultural awareness and mentoring, life skills creative workshops.

In 2016 Mr. Smith founded a fellowship appropriately named DAD’s Club Inc., with a focus on embracing the priceless privilege of fatherhood, creating a family based structure that supports the needs of men, women and children in the community.

Mr. Smith. Loves and embraced fatherhood; it transformed his life. Frank is a father of four beautiful children Essences, Fabulous, Fantastic & Mr, Famous. and later married the love of his life  Lady Tapatha B. Smith.

Returning back to Oakland California, was a very challenging season for in Frank life; traveling with three children as a single dad through ups and downs. Frank celebrates being Unbreakable & Unstoppable. His goal is to empower humanity by feeding the mind, body & spirit with the word of God & Creative life skills & wellness codes.

Mr. Smith & The Bay Area 1st Royal Family deem by Oakland tribute and other news media have documented the living Legend thrives  to “Crown His Legacy”.

In the near future Frank Smith will  produce a conscious podcast title “Game Recognize Game” society, economics, life triggers  Wellness & Financial Education to the local & Global audience.

Mr. Smith currently is reorganizing & developing nonprofit Broken Chains International where his divine vision lives & operates.

Pastor Frank Smith Leadership Roles & Awards: 

  • Marin county Chaplain & VP for the Kings organization, led by Dr. Reynolds
  • BACS Outreach liaison for mental illness & homeless community.
  • CAB Board reviewing Alameda County Re-Entry budgets & projects.
  • OPIC Business Development Manager
  • Green Bay WI “Key To The City” award
  • WI 1st African Golden Rule Award
  • Appreciation SF Senator Award
  • SF “ In The Trenches” Award
  • 85 South Living Legend recognition
  • Father of The Year Award many more

1Peter 2:9 ~Jame 1:12~Exodus 7:1

Douglas Butler

“Pending biography for Douglas Butler”

District 5

Tanasha Stevens

Tanasha Stevens was born and raised in Oakland, California (mostly West Oakland) and is a mother of three boys, ages 31, 29 and 15, and a grandmother of two granddaughters, ages 10 and 12. Having grown up in one of the poorest parts of West Oakland, where at the time she became a product of her environment, she started a life of crime that landed her in prison six times. Instead of giving up on herself, Tanasha decided to turn her life around. She has been off drugs and clean since 2006 and off parole since 2004, earning her high school diploma and going on to earn an associate degree in African-American history where she graduated top of her class with a 3.97 GPA, highest honors. Tanasha went on to get accepted at Cal Berkeley but ultimately decided to decline the offer so she could take time to focus more on her son’s education. Now a pillar in her community, Tanasha spends her time volunteering at her son’s school, helping in the community, and serving on the Community Advisory Board, which she loves so much. In her own words, “My sole purpose for being on the Community Advisory Board is to help those returning home have a better opportunity at staying home.“

Damon (Shuja) Johnson

Damon Shuja Johnson also known as Brother Shuja advocates for the health and wellness of Oakland, California. He is the Executive Director of Black Men Speak, Inc., and the newly appointed Chairperson of the Peers Organizing Community Change (POCC) Justice Involved & Justice Impacted Committee. This committee is dedicated to providing a voice to individuals affected by criminal justice issues. They educate, engage, and empower the behavioral health community to transform the criminal justice system. Shuja is also a board member on the Alameda County Community Advisory Board (CAB) for Probations and a proud member of All Of Us Or None in Oakland, California.

As a returning Family Member who was formerly incarcerated, Shuja has been home now for four years and has a celebration of his return every Valentine's Day. After serving 34 years in California's Prison Industrial Complex, he is overjoyed to be able to spend time with his family and serve his community. He supports his community by providing much-needed resources such as clothing and food drives, support circles, and advocating at the State Capital in Sacramento for housing rights for our neighbors in need, as well as the rights and liberation of all those still behind bars and those returned to the community. His strength and ability to build partnerships enhances his community, leading to many individuals empowering themselves, enjoying their liberties, and striving to maintain a state of wellness, thereby decreasing trauma, stigma, and discrimination.

Vincent Garrett

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