Message from Alameda County Probation Department Acting Chief Brian Ford

Welcome to the Alameda County Probation Department’s website.  Whether you are visiting this site for specific information or are interested in becoming a part of our team, I hope you find the topic areas contained within this website to be informative and useful.

The past decade has seen a proliferation of research into effective strategies and practices for achieving positive outcomes for justice-involved individuals and the community.  In response, the Alameda County Probation Department has enthusiastically embraced progressive evidence-based practices in its effort to equip our youth and adult clients with the skills and tools necessary to enable them to lead successful, crime-free lives. To that end, in the past 36 months we have undergone a significant transformation. From collaborating with judges on the front end of sentencing, to leading the effort to eliminate fines and fees for juveniles and adults, the Department continues to position itself as a nationwide leader in Community Corrections.

To support these objectives, in April 2018, the Department adopted its first Five-Year Strategic Plan (Plan): VISION 2023 in its more than 100-year history.  This Plan is aligned with Alameda County’s Vision 2026 Strategic Plan, and incorporates an action, execution, and quality control component.  It is through the tenets of this Plan that the Department will measure its performance and the effectiveness of the services it provides its youth and adult clients.

Throughout the pages of this website you will find resources and other information to support the Department’s efforts to transform itself from a system that is punitive in nature to one that is supportive and strength-based.  I hope you find the various links informative and useful for your intended purpose.

In closing, I am proud to lead a staff of approximately 570 professionals who are committed to providing those under our jurisdiction with opportunities for restorative justice, redemption, and rehabilitation.