A Commitment to the Success of Every Client and Their Family

Strategic Goals

Letter from the Chief

Marcus Dawal, Interim Cheif Probation Officer Brian Ford Chief Probation Officer (A)

Esteemed Probation Employees, Key Stakeholders & Community Partners:

I am pleased to present VISION 2023  the Alameda County Probation Department’s Five-Year Strategic Plan webpage. This Plan aligns with the County’s Vision 2026 and reflects the Department’s commitment to making our communities the safest in the nation. Further, it supports our vision of providing compassionate supervision to justice-involved youth and adults by providing effective rehabilitative services.

This Plan was developed by a Strategic Planning Committee, consisting of a cross-section of Department employees and union representatives, over the course of seven months. As part of the process, the Committee conducted research; solicited focus group, executive management, and external stakeholder input; considered the Alameda County 2016-17 Grand Jury Report; and reviewed staff survey responses. The final product is robust and a culmination of our shared vision of service, our community partnerships, and public safety.

The final product represents a diverse set of voices and is grounded in an understanding of the interests, needs, and concerns of our staff, stakeholders, and clients. It reflects our role in the context of the larger community we serve; our vision, mission, and guiding principles; and the County’s overarching Vision 2026.

The various links of this webpage provide you with the progress, we as a community, are making in meeting the tenets of the Plan. Through the implementation of this Plan, we are poised to focus our energy on strengthening our collective impact by aligning our existing practices with those proven to reduce recidivism and enhance a clients’ long-term success.

As a special acknowledgment, I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all of our staff and stakeholders, and in particular to the Strategic Planning Committee, for their contributions and commitment to the development of this Plan.
With the support of the Board of Supervisors, our staff, our community and government partners and labor organizations, we are positioned to becoming a stronger, healthier, and more effective organization. I am excited and look forward to witnessing what I know we will accomplish together.