The Alameda County Probation Department values feedback from our clients regarding their experiences with our contracted programs and services. Because we care about our clients’ experiences in the programs and services they receive, we launched our” Client Programs and Services” survey in February 2022. This survey is available on our website below and paper copies are also available for clients to take at our contracted providers’ locations.

Please find the links to view the Client Programs and Services Survey results in the pods on the right.  We will review survey responses quarterly and hope to increase participation from our clients.  We have also included the link to our complaint page to ensure that clients have the availability to provide additional feedback as appropriate. Please note, reports for Q4, 2022 and Q1, 2023 are not available due to receiving unviable survey data (i.e., surveys received contained missing responses to qualifying questions, or were submitted incomplete)”.


Please take this short survey asking about your experiences with contracted programs and services. Your feedback is valued and will be used to improve programs and services for all our clients.