The first goal of the Department’s Strategic Plan: Vision 2023, is a commitment to the success of every client and their family, ensuring a family-centered approach to our client services. Research indicates that an individual is more likely to be successful when their families are engaged in their programs and services.  Therefore, in this page please find information about the services that we offer as it pertains to our clients and their families.

Note: We also understand that you may be very concerned over your family member and may want to obtain information about their case.  Please know that we cannot disclose any confidential information of any client not authorized to receive the information. We respect people’s privacy and take our client’s confidential information very seriously.

My family member is a justice involved youth that resides at home

Juvenile Field Services offers rehabilitative services that utilize evidence-based trauma informed, family focused strategies to aid in the wellness and rehabilitation of youth and families who find themselves involved in the juvenile justice system.

Many of the division’s programs, such as truancy and prevention services, focus on diverting at-risk youth from entering the juvenile justice system. Other programs address substance abuse, keep youth actively participating in school and reuniting families.

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My family member is a youth in Juvenile Hall or Camp Sweeney

The Juvenile Facilities Division is comprised of the Juvenile Hall and Camp Wilmont Sweeney, both located in the city of San Leandro. The Juvenile Hall is a 24-hour secure detention facility that houses youth awaiting court. Juvenile Institution Officers supervise youth who receive various services, including academic programming, job training, medical care, and mental health services, among others. Camp Sweeney houses adolescent males who are ordered into the facility by the Alameda County Juvenile Court. The program model emphasizes personal growth and provides wraparound services including, education, behavioral health, and drug treatment services.

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My family member is a justice involved Adult

Adult Field Services provides resources, rehabilitative services, and support for justice involved adults who are supervised by the Probation Department or participating in a diversion program.  Our goal is to help clients create and follow an individualized plan that leads to their success and a safer community. The plan may include the utilization of job training, housing assistance, medical care, and mental health services to support the client.

Please access our website to learn about the services available to our clients, public meetings addressing justice involved issues and programs, and relief options for those who successfully complete their term of supervision

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I would like to know more about reentry services

Consistent with Alameda County’s Vision 2026 public safety goal of reentry support— which promotes reducing reentry barriers, developing wraparound services, supporting family reunification, leveraging community partnerships, and providing employment and other pre-release opportunities—we recognize the nature and breadth of needs among our clients and strive to provide a comprehensive approach to reentry that begins prior to reentry and follows a client through their reentry and discharge

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I want to know more about your partners

Through strong partnerships with local organizations and agencies, the Department offers a range of risk reduction and transition services to its clients, including to those supervised by the County as a result of Assembly Bill (AB) 109.

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