Administrative Services

We thereby promote healthy and safe communities in which residents thrive, rather than survive.

Our CORE Values…

During the performance of our duties, we will treat all whom we serve with respect, empathy, care and consideration.

We promise to make a positive contribution to the community by delivering exceptional service in each and every interaction.

We will consistently explore new, efficient solutions, processes, services and technologies to address the evolving needs of those we serve.

We accept responsibility both individually and collectively for providing excellent customer service, making sound and appropriate decisions, and taking action in the management and maintenance of data systems, work processes and procedures. We are answerable for results and understand the consequences of our actions.

We will implement a process wherein expected results are clearly articulated and data is regularly collected and reported in order to confirm intended results have been achieved.

Human Resources


Human Resources is responsible for the management of all Probation personnel in keeping with County Civil Service requirements, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and Federal and State Workers' Compensation laws. These activities include staff recruitment, selection, hiring, training, payroll and background investigations.

Research, Data & Evaluation


The Research and Evaluation Unit was established in 2018 to ensure that the work and programmatic investments of the Alameda County Probation Department are informed by the latest research, high quality data, and accurate analysis.



The Probation Department’s Policy & Standards Compliance Unit was established in late 2017 as a component of the Department’s reorganization.  The Policy Unit oversees and facilitates the development of Department-wide policies and procedures in collaboration with other entities within the Probation Department and County.  In support of creating a high-functioning, data-driven organization, the Policy Unit also ensures departmental policies adhere to uniform standards, incorporate elements of evidence-based practices and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Another major function of the Policy Unit is the research and tracking of new legislation.  The Policy Unit is responsible for analyzing the impact of proposed and existing legislation on Probation program operations and making recommendations to management on what procedural updates are required to comply with new laws.

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Public Records Act Requests


The Public Records Act (PRA) defines "public records" to include "any writing containing information relating to the conduct of the public’s business prepared, owned, used, or retained by any state or local agency regardless of physical form of characteristics.” Printed and photocopied documents, internal and external correspondence, handwritten notes, computer data, electronic files, and audio and video recordings are all public records subject to disclosure unless they fall within a specific exemption. The Public Records Act provides for public access to records the Alameda County Probation Department (ACPD) generates, as well as records created by others that the ACPD has in its possession.

The Public Records Act provides disclosure of existing identifiable records. The ACPD is not required to prepare new records in response to a request, or to compile, synthesize, summarize, or index information or records in a form that does not exist at the time of the request. A requestor seeking electronic data that requires computer programming, compilation, or extraction to produce may be required to pay the cost to construct a record, and the cost of programming and computer services necessary to produce a copy of the record before ACPD will undertake production.

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Administrative Support Services


Administrative Support Services continually supports and improves the functionality of the department to:

  • Eliminate disparate treatment of clients
  • Serve victims
  • Enhance community partnerships
  • Protect officer safety

Financial Services


Financial Services is the foundation upon which Probation staff, clients, Courts, and other County agencies depend for budget and financial management, internal audit, building and asset management, restitution collection, records management and administrative support services.

Information Technology


The Information Technology Unit (ITU) is staffed with ten professional team members who provide support services and facilitate the accomplishment of departmental goals through automation by the design, development, ongoing operation, security, and maintenance of information technology systems and infrastructure.  

Training Unit


The Probation Department’s Staff Development & Training Unit is located in San Leandro. The Training Unit implements and manages high-quality, evidence-based training, and development programs for all sworn and non-sworn staff in the Department. The Training Unit is committed to align the Training Program with the Department’s mission, core values, and Strategic Plan: VISION 2023; Goal 3: A Vibrant and Exemplary Workforce, Objective 3d. Create a culture of learning and professional development. This includes developing, planning, organizing, implementing, evaluating, and making recommendations for a variety of staff development, training, and performance improvement initiatives as deemed necessary to meet Federal, State, County, or departmental requirements related to the Probation Department. Additionally, the Training Unit ensures compliance with the Board of State and Community Corrections Standards and Training for Corrections.